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This article is about the planet Zivilyn, if you are looking for the god of the same name see Zivilyn (deity).

Zivilyn is the fifth planet orbiting The Sun in the crystal sphere known as Krynnspace.[1] The largest planet in the system, Zivilyn is an air body with a handful of continent-sized boulders spinning through its atmosphere alongside smaller boulders that range in size from 1 mile across down to the size of a fist.[2] The planet is named for the god Zivilyn[3], who is rumoured to live on one of its moons. Evidence suggests that Zivilyn had originally been a large earth body, with continents separated by great seas. However, a group of humans native to Zivinlyn apparently developed powerful magic that they believed could control the gods themselves. Sages speculate that, as a consequence of attempting to use this power, Zivilyn was ripped apart and its inhabitants killed.[4]

Land features of Zivilyn[]

Zivilyn’s most notable features are the handful of continent-sized boulders spinning through its atmosphere. The largest, dubbed "Land Wrecker" by observers, is the size of the continent of Ansalon on Krynn. The continent boulder twirls erratically, while spinning at an unpredictable speed just within the orbit of the 12 moons, and has been seen (via crystal balls and other magic) crashing into smaller spinning boulders, splitting them into pieces. The large continent seems unaffected by the collisions, and scholars theorize that one day "Land Wrecker" could be all that remains of Zivilyn.

Zivilyn’s climate varies greatly, depending on where the various boulders are situated. The boulders closest to the moons experience arctic temperatures, with fierce and frigid winds that blanket the frozen ground in great snowdrifts. "Land Wrecker" itself is dotted with icy chasms, snow-covered peaks, and vast, flat fields of ice. The wind that whips across the continent shapes the mountains and other terrain features and discourages visitors who are not magically protected from cold.

The boulder continents closest to what would be the center of the planet are temperate. The largest of these spinning continents are covered with forests and deep lakes, while smaller continents are dotted with scrub growth and tall grasses. The weather on the temperate boulders can be intense, from long dry spells where much of the plant life dies off to months where it rains for weeks in a row, flooding most of the land. The smallest of the temperate boulder continents have some ground cover and experience four seasons.

At the core of the world lie three boulders, known as The Triad. Arranged like the points of a triangle, the boulders remain equidistant from each while spinning through the heart of Zivilyn. The three continents boast temperate climes and moderate winds, and are largely flat, with only a few low, rolling hills marring their surfaces. Each boulder of The Triad is dotted with scrubby trees and covered with wild grasses. There are no large plants due to the prolonged droughts which ravage the core continents.[5]

Satellites of Zivilyn[]

Zivilyn has 12 moons, each of which is a size A earth-type body.[6] The moons of Zivilyn have only recently been officially named by various religious councils on Krynn.[7] The moons orbit Zivilyn equidistantly from each other and at the same distance from the outermost boulder continents, in effect forming a ring about the planet. Inherently more stable than the boulder continents below, many of the moons have been settled by spelljamming colonists.[8]


Main article: Gilean

Gilean is the largest of Zivilyn's moons, and is blanketed by a swirling mass of glittering dark orange and rose clouds. Beneath the colorful clouds, Gilean is a lush, tropical world populated by several colonies of elves and half-elves.[8]


Main article: Shinare (moon)

Shinare is a lush moon covered in vegetation similar to Gilean, except that its skies are usually clear of any clouds.[9]


Main article: Takhisis

Despite being named for the Queen of Darkness, Takhisis is an inviting, temperate moon covered in grasslands broken by small, isolated forests, and several mountain ranges separated by lush and verdant valleys.[9]


Main article: Sargonnas

Sargonnas is a desert moon. Although the sky is dotted with large, fluffy white clouds, there is little rain, and finding water on the surface is difficult. Scrub and cactus grow here and there across the rocky and sandy landscape, and while insects, snakes, and small rodents are the predominant lifeforms, Sargonnas is dominated by a flight of blue dragons.[9]


Main article: Morgion

Morgion is the smallest of Zivilyn's moons, and its surface is almost entirely covered in water. Oppressively hot at times, with frequent and heavy rains, Morgion resembles a vast swamp, covered with immense trees draped in moss and filled with plants, reptiles, birds, and insects.[9]


Main article: Chemosh

Chemosh is nothing more than a big rock, with no water, plants, or animal life. However, evidence found by explorers suggests it may have been inhabited at some point in the past. It may even have been a part of Zivilyn that had been ejected into orbit when the planet was shattered.[9]


Main article: Zeboim

Zeboim is unique, in that it is the only ice-covered moon to orbit Zivilyn. Why Zeboim should feature ice-covered lakes, snow-blanketed mountains, and great expanses of permafrost puzzles many explorers, since it follows the same orbit as Zivilyn's other moons, and should therefore be warm.[10]


Main article: Hiddukel

Hiddukel is a temperate moon covered with flat, fertile plains that receive frequent rains. The moons' inhabitants grow a variety of crops, and their vegetables all reach incredible sizes.[10]


Main article: Mishakal

Mishakal is a big rock, similar to Chemosh, Some evidence of previous habitation has been found, and a company of humans are currently excavating what they believe to be an ancient city.[10]


Main article: Paladine

Paladine appears to have been struck by a vast natural disaster. Craters cover the surface and great chasms crisscross everywhere, as if the whole moon had been struck by a rain of meteors or suffered a tremendous earthquake.[10]


Main article: Kiri-Jolith

Kiri-Jolith is a temperate moon well suited to farming, with vast herds of animals roaming its plains. However, the moon has been claimed by a powerful wizard named Gray Mark who lives in a castle, and employs numerous guardians (living and magical) to keep most visitors away.[10]


Main article: Majere

Majere is a mountain-covered moon, sporting an abundance of caves and subterranean passages, and is home to a few colonies of dwarves originally from Reorx.[11]


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