The sun seeds are a magical item from the Spelljammer campaign setting.

2nd Edition DescriptionEdit

The legend of Faeriespace is lost in time, and most spacefarers do not even know of its existence. It is a realm whose very fabric is made up of the peculiar faerie magics. Strange and wonderful things abound there.

When a worthy person comes to his realm, Aelivere, the One-King of Faeriespace, sometimes sees fit to aid that person in his or her endeavors. To this end, the faerie magics weave incantations to meet specific needs. When Bruin Shambrath, a good-hearted, brave young man from Greatspace came to Aelivere in need, the mysterious ruler gave him the sun seeds.

These magical seeds resemble small grains of sand and are brilliant yellow in color. They are typically carried in a small leather pouch that will contain a few ounces of the seed. Each pouch will carry enough seed for 1-4 uses.

These seeds are created from the fabric of light and have a wondrous effect when spread upon a dead sun. They will cause the body to spring back into fiery life as it was when it was first created, shining with its original brilliance. There is, of course, a small problem involved with using the sun seeds; a user must be sufficiently far from the sun so as not to be destroyed when the flaming body revives, yet close enough to sprinkle the seeds onto it. This is typically done with a spelljamming ship from a close orbit to the sun. There is a base 80% chance that the sun will be successfully revived by the seeds.

If the application is successful, the sun will begin to re-ignite within 5 rounds (giving a spelljamming ship plenty of time to move away) and will be fully back to life within 2 turns.

The sun seeds have an experience point value of 1,500 X.P.