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"O, blazing radiance, bless us, mighty fire in the sky" - Krynnish sun-worshiper

The Sun is the system primary of the crystal sphere known as Krynnspace.[1][2] Located at the exact center of the crystal sphere, the enormous fire body known as the Sun is orbited by six planets, as well as the asteroid cluster known as the Stellar Islands.[3] Unlike the other planets and moons of Krynnspace, the sun is not associated with any deity nor is it considered the home of any divine being, and although some sun-worshiping cults do exist in Krynnspace, the Sun is ,in general, taken for granted and treated as any other natural feature.[2]


The Sun rages with intense heat, with white-hot flames leaping from its surface. Warmth radiates from the Sun in waves, ensuring that even the planets farthest from the sphere’s center experience comfortable temperatures. Despite this travelers have noted that Krynnspace is markedly cooler than the other known spheres.[4]

No spelljamming ship on record has ever gotten closer than one million miles from the Sun and survived. Observers from the decks of spelljamming ships that have kept to a safe distance have determined that the sun is inhabited, noting various settlements inhabited by helians and groups of nomadic efreet that wander the Sun's surface. Sometimes these groups of efreet are accompanied by fire elementals, salamanders, lavaworms, and other creatures native the Elemental Plane of Fire.[3]


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