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Who among you have dared to enter the starry depths has not heard of the dark, drifting derelicts of earlier spacefarers? The silent menacing lairs of monsters that may hold treasures for those bold enough to explore them. And what space captain plies the space lanes does not dream of a bigger, sleeker, more powerful than their present one?

SJR1 Lost Ships is an accessory for the Spelljammer Campaign Setting.

It provides new rules for dry land characters entering space for the first time, space combat, ship handling and spelljamming. It also contains a number of adventure hooks useful for the Dungeon Master who wishes to bring his adventures into space, new spells, new creatures and an extensive catalogue of new ships. It was published by TSR in 1990. [1]

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  • How to Use Lost Ships - This chapter contains a short overview of the goals of the book and when the information contained within is most likely to be of use. It begins with an introduction by Elminster.
  • New Rules - This chapter presents new rules for the Dungeon Master to be used in space, including Space Sickness, Rope Use, Space Combat, Spelljamming and Ship Handling.
  • Adventures - This chapter consists of three parts: "Beginnings", "Amid the Stars", and "Any Port in a Spacestorm". The first section presents the Dungeon Master with a host of adventure hooks geared at getting the Player Characters into space for the first time. The second section consists of small encounters and problems that can be used to break up major incidents and adventures. The final section consists of adventures that bring floating space features into play, rather than planetary or space-base landings.
  • Flotsam of Space - This chapter handles space flotsam that characters may encounter on their travels through space, and adventure hooks that the Dungeon Master can bring into play.
  • New Spells - This chapter introduces a number of new space spells for both wizards and priests.
  • Personal and Ship Equipment - This chapter covers the sort of equipment that may be commonly found on Spelljammers, from the mundane to the magical, to the living.
  • New Monsters - Finally, a number of new monsters are introduced for Space-based campaigns, including two new species of beholder and a new neogi.


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