SJA1 Wildspace is an adventure for the Spelljammer Campaign Setting. The product consists of one 64 page book and one poster. It was published by TSR Inc. in 1990.


The Wildspace book is an adventure for four to six characters between 6th and 8th level. The action starts on whatever planet the players are currently located on and then moves into Wildspace and onto a hollowed out asteroid called The Hive before finishing up at Ravager.


  • Introduction - This chapter explains the adventure module, provides background information, gives a summary of the adventure and details of the important non-player characters.
  • Chapter 1: Ladder to the Sky
  • Chapter 2: Spacefarers
  • Chapter 3: Rendezvous With Ravager
  • Chapter 4: The Biggest Dungeon
    • Room 1: The Central Chamber
    • Room 2: A Charmed Life
    • Room 3: Of All Wild Beasts
    • Room 4: Pleasant Drems
    • Room 5: Ricochets
    • Room 6: The Grind Canyon
    • Room 7: Emptier Than Empty
    • Room 8: Village of the Dammed
    • Room 9: Shell Game
    • Room 10: The Gnarled, Bad Caverns
    • Room 11: Dead Air
    • Room 12: Ritual Gone Wrong
  • Chapter 5: The Behemoth Awakens
  • Chapter 6: Mice Against a Mountain
  • Appendix: Non-Player Characters
  • Appendix: New Spelljamming Ships
  • Appendix: New Magic
  • Appendix: New Monsters



  • The Skyrunner/The Hive


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  • Spelljammer reference: SJA1, 9273XXXX0701 (The Skyrunner poster), 9273XXXX1401 (Wildspace)
  • TSR reference: TSR 9273
  • ISBN: 0-88038-819-6
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