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This article is about the planet Reorx, if you are looking for the god of the same name see Reorx (deity).

Reorx is the second planet orbiting The Sun in the crystal sphere known as Krynnspace.[1] It is an earth body that is almost completely covered in steep mountains and deep chasms.[2] The planet Reorx is named for the deity, who is rumoured to live at the centre of the planet.[3]

Land features of Reorx[]

Reorx is almost completely covered in steep mountains and deep chasms. In the tropics, the mountains are covered with lush vegetation, and although rains are frequent here, the only bodies of water are streams and shallow, narrow rivers that run down the mountains and into the chasms below. The tallest mountain on Reorx is found in the tropical region. The top is always cloaked in clouds, and the vegetation is so thick that traversing the mountain is perilous and rarely considered.

Just south of the equator, the tops of the mountains appear flat, as if they were sawed off with a giant axe. These level mesas, barren and dotted with small boulders, are the planet's only deserts. In the temperate latitudes, the mountains have ground-hugging, alpine vegetation and are easier to navigate, as trails have been carved into them over the past decades. Clinging to the lower reaches of the mountain ranges are vast forests of pine and birch. The poles are mountainous, although the surface formations are made of ice and not rock.

Other land features are found below ground: the mountains and mesas of the tropical and temperate areas are filled with sharply graded, labyrinthine tunnels that serve as both work place and home to the dwarves and gnomes who mine the regions. Nearly all of Reorx is rich with a variety of ores, including iron, copper, silver, and gold.[2]

Satellites of Reorx[]


Main article: Ora

Reorx has one moon named Ora (or The Hammer).[3] Ora is largely unexplored and virtually uninhabited. Although the moon can easily support life, no one has tried to make a home there until recently, when a colony of dwarven miners arrived, hoping to start a new mining operation.[4]


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