This article is about the planet Reorx, if you are looking for the god of the same name see Reorx (deity).

Reorx is the second planet orbiting The Sun in the crystal sphere called Krynnspace.[1] It is an earth body that is almost completely covered in steep mountains and deep chasms.[2] The planet Reorx is named after the god Reorx, and the god is rumoured to live at the centre of the planet.[3]

Land features of ReorxEdit

The northern hemisphere has a wooden palisade area that serves as dock for ships, in the middle of a forest, some druids watch over this port.

The southern lands have two ports, one opperated by a dwarven clan, the other by a gnome clan. the dwarfs supply the refined metal to the gnomes in trade for high tech goods.

Satellites of ReorxEdit


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Reorx has one moon: Ora or The Hammer. According to the mythology of the dwarves that mine it, the moon was formed by a drop a molten metal that splashed from Reorx's anvil when he shaped Krynnspace.

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