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Realmspace is a crystal sphere that is home to the FORGOTTEN REALMS Campaign Setting and contains the world of Toril.[1][2][3]


Realmspace is about 6,400 million miles (10,300 million kilometres) in diameter.[4] Its wildspace is slightly warmer than that of Greyspace, to the point where spacefarers can wear light garments and outfits suitable for summer weather.[5] Many sages believe that the older a crystal sphere is, the warmer it is. This would mean that Realmspace is the oldest crystal sphere yet encountered.[6]


Realmspace is part of a stable triangular configuration in the phlogiston that also includes Greyspace and Krynnspace. Currents within the Flow allow free travel from Realmspace to and from Greyspace, but only one way travel from Krynnspace to Realmspace.[7][8]

Celestial bodies[]

Realmspace is a heliocentric system, with the system primary, a fire body known as the Sun, lying at the center of the sphere and orbited by 8 planets, their satellites, and a variety of asteroids, comets and nebulae.[2]

The Sun[]

Main article: Sun, The (Realmspace)

The Sun is Realmspace's primary and is a size H spherical fire body. Twelve sargassos orbit close to its surface.[1][9][10]


Main article: Anadia

Anadia is a size B spherical earth body. It has xenophobic natives.[1][11][12]


Main article: Coliar

Coliar is a size G spherical air body.[1][13][14]


Main article: Toril

Toril is a size E spherical earth body. It has one moon, Selûne, and one asteroid cluster, the Tears of Selûne.[1][15][16]


Main article: Karpri

Karpri is a size D spherical water body.[1][17][18]


Main article: Chandos

Chandos is a size F spherical water body. It has unstable land.[1][19][20]


Main article: Glyth

Glyth is a size E spherical earth body. It has three moons and four rings.[1][21][22]


Main article: Garden

Garden is a cluster of size A asteroids which are all earth bodies. Garden's asteroids have a common atmosphere and are held together with a giant plant. It has been classified as a liveworld. It has twelve moons.[1][23][24]


Main article: H'Catha

H'Catha is a size C flatworld water body. It has two moons.[1][25][26]

Crystal Shell[]

Similar to all crystal spheres. the crystal shell of Realmspace is so vast that it appears as a perfectly flat, solid wall to most observers, though the surface itself is somewhat bumpy and cold to the touch. The crystal shell is made of a dark ceramic material that is completely invulnerable, and is immune to damage from all known forms of attack, including magic.

However, throughout the crystal shell, seemingly naturally occurring portals open to the phlogiston, allowing solid bodies to pass through to and from the Flow, without allowing the phlogiston itself to enter the perfect vacuum of wildspace. The portals themselves appear to open and close at random. These temporary doorways can be found through the use of divination spells or by magical items specifically designed for that purpose. Portals can also be opened through the use of magic, allowing the magic user to open a portal whenever desired. However, opening a portal immediately closes a naturally occurring portal on the other side of the sphere, with possibly catastrophic results for any ship or creature passing through the portal.

A famous mage from Toril once claimed that there are always 3,200 portals open throughout the sphere at any one time.

Unique to Realmspace, the entire interior surface of the crystal shell is covered by millions upon millions of glyphs and wards. The symbols and words are hundreds of miles tall and completely illegible. However, a suitably powerful mage can read the glyphs if they so wish, by casting a read magic spell, but this would be a mistake: merely discerning the meaning of the words invokes the magic inherent to these writings, The magic stored within the glyphs are many times more powerful than an equivalent spell cast by a magic user, and there is only one-in-one-thousand chance that the spell triggered is beneficial in any way. The glyphs appear to be permanent, allowing them to be triggered over and over. For some unknown reason, the glyphs cannot be duplicated in any way, and cannot even be copied onto paper.[4]

The Wanderers[]

Also unique to Realmspace is the group of humanoids, known as the Wanderers, who continually walk across the inside of the crystal sphere. These humanoids, representing all known sentient bipedal lifeforms within the sphere, number in the hundreds of thousands. Aligning themselves in a perfectly straight line, they walk side by side across the inside of the sphere, in a north-south direction. They all possess the mark of Torm on their palms.

The Wanderers walk continually and without interruption. Their mouths move in a rhythmic pattern, resembling chanting, and their hands make various gestures, similar to the gestures made when casting spells. There is no way to communicate with them, and there is no way to interrupt their journey. According to legend, the Wanderers are the souls of individuals who died performing evil deeds of horrific proportions. When they died, they were cursed to eternal servitude; to march in perfect formation while chanting across the sphere for the rest of their existence.

Their purpose is to create, through their chanting, the portals that allow spelljammers to pass in and out of the crystal sphere. If the Wanderers were to cease to exist, the portals would no longer spontaneously open throughout the sphere. Without the chanting of at least one Wanderer, the crystal sphere would be sealed until another evil individual dies within the sphere. Occasionally a portal will open directly in the path of the Wanderers, and individual Wanderers can actually fall through the portal, into the phlogiston. Once gone, the missing Wanderers can be replaced, but the process is incredibly slow (only every five years or so is an individual deemed reprehensible enough to warrant this eternal servitude.)[4]


Every dot, dash and tilde within the glyphs that cover the surface of the crystal sphere shines with the flickering, everlasting light of the stars of Realmspace. Each of these pseudo-stars is in fact a gate that opens to the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Radiance, and it is these gates that give the sphere’s inhabitants the illusion of twinkling stars and constellations.

The portals to the Plane of Radiance all range in diameter from only a few yards to hundreds of miles long, and it is this difference in size which gives the illusion of distance in the celestial heavens. Most of the gates are large enough for spelljamming ships to pass through, but travelling through these planar portals is tantamount to suicide.

Once a ship enters the Plane of Radiance, any wood, cloth, or other combustible material bursts into flame immediately, and soon after all metallic substances begin to melt. All living creatures that enter the Plane are either immolated immediately or die soon after if they cannot escape. Creatures that survive long enough, can escape easily enough by backing out or by turning around, assuming they survive the heat long enough to do that.

Luckily, the tremendous heat within the Plane of Radiance does not spill over into the vacuum of wildspace. Additionally, as long as a spelljamming vessel remains at least a hundred miles away, the bright light radiating from a star poses little danger to the eyes of any passengers or crew. When a spelljamming vessel breaches the crystal sphere, the portal supersedes the planar gate, allowing safe passage over it. Once the portal closes, the planar gate once again shines with its never ending brilliance. Any inhabitant planet-side who happens to be watching the stars at that particular moment will see one of the stars wink out of existence for a few minutes.[4]

The stars form patterns that make up various constellations. However, few of the constellations of Realmspace have ever been identified by name. These include the Dragon of Dawn, the Firbolg, the Harp and the Sword and Dagger. Subsequent to the events of the Time of Troubles, the Dragon of Dawn and the Firbolg were combined to create a new constellation, named the Lady of Mystery in honor of the newly ascended goddess Mystra (formerly the mortal woman known as Midnight.)[27]


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