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Oerth is the system primary of the crystal sphere known as Greyspace.[1][2][3] This size E earth body is, both figuratively and literally, the center of the Greyspace system, and all other celestial bodies revolve around it. It is the most diverse and most heavily populated planet in the system, with every known sentient race represented to some degree. The world's busiest spelljamming port is the Free City of Greyhawk, for which the entire crystal sphere of Greyspace is named.[1][5]


From wildspace, Oerth is a beautiful, placid-looking blue-white world. The entire surface of the planet has a blueish cast to it, and it is difficult to distinguish between land and sea. The clouds create delicate sweeping, swirling patterns of white, punctuated here and there by circular funnel storms. Closer in, it is possible to make out various landmasses separated by great oceans, and to pick out forests, deserts and mountain ranges.[1][3]

Oerth has four great continents, surrounded by oceans, and these landmasses are home to many great and powerful civilizations. Perhaps the best known region is the Flanaess, which encompasses the easternmost portion of the vast continent known as Oerik.[4]


The people of Oerth are generally very competitive, and combined with their naturally superior attitude, they tend to be very provincial and insular, and quite suspicious of strangers. Although the existence of spelljamming and spelljamming technology is fairly common knowledge, most people tend to ignore it, or equate it with planar travel. The fact that a stranger is from another world, rather than another city or country, makes no difference, they are still an outsider and are treated as such.[1][3]


There are several cities on Oerth that enjoy regular spelljamming traffic and have high enough volumes of commerce to make it worthwhile for spelljammers to land and trade.

  • The Free City of Greyhawk - The 'Gem of the Flanaess' has the largest volume of spelljamming trade on Oerth, despite a lack of facilities for spelljamming vessels. Vessels that can land on water, put down on the Selintan River, and make use of the same docks and facilities as the river-traders. Ground-based spelljammers are forced to land in a stretch of cleared ground several acres in extent outside the city walls.[3]
  • The Free and Independent City of Dyvers - Dyvers enjoys a great deal of spelljamming traffic, despite its lack of facilities. Most spelljammers prefer to land in the wide mouth of the Velverdyva River and tie up at the city's wharves.[3]
  • Irongate - The third largest spelljamming port is Irongate. Unlike the previous two ports, Irongate has no facilities to cater for water-based vessels. Instead, spelljammers designed to land on the ground make use of the great roads to the east and the west that lead into the land-locked city.[3]

Most spelljamming traders concentrate on procuring goods that are unavailable elsewhere in Greyspace. Of course high value luxury goods and singular items also see brisk trade and a good return on investment.[3] One item of note is that smoke powder does not function on Oerth, though it does in wildspace and on the other planets of the system. Why this should be the case is unknown.[1]


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