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Nehzmyth , also known as The Vanishing Planet, is the sixth planet orbiting The Sun in the crystal sphere known as Krynnspace.[1] An ovoid earth body. Nehzmyth is rarely seen from the surface of the inner planets (including Krynn, Reorx and Sirrion) and is only occasionally seen from Zivilyn and the Stellar Islands.

Due to Nezhmyth's unusual orbit, the planet passes through or behind The Black Clouds, appearing to vanish for months at a time, only to reappear in a different position in the sky. Some sages are convinced that the world is a living entity, and that this immense being has spellcasting abilities and is able to make itself invisible. Because so few, if any, explorers have returned from Nehzmyth, the planet has garnered a dark and sinister reputation, and is considered taboo by some.[2]


Nehzmyth is a harsh, dismal world, covered from pole to pole by a fetid swamp. The plant-growth is nearly as thick as that of the planet Chislev; however, little light gets through the thick cloud cover that blankets the world. Nehzmyth's plants thrive in the murky darkness, and grow in shades of black and dark greens, and are all draped in heavy, slimy mosses. Some of the great trees are sentient (possibly a type of treant) and walk about the world using their snakelike roots for propulsion.

Nehzmyth has seasons, but these are more a function of the black clouds than the planet's course about the Sun. When Nehzmyth moves into or behind the clouds, the planet experiences its' summer, as the heat from the clouds raises the planet's temperature to almost unbearable degree. Still, the plants and giant reptiles that dominate the planet are able to survive the heat, and even thrive. As the planet moves out of the black clouds, the temperature drops, although it remains hot and humid, which leads to sudden explosion in the insect population.

Water is so abundant on Nehzmyth that it saturates the ground, turning the planets' surface into a huge bog. There are also large and numerous chains of lakes strung across the swampy surface, and these are home to the planet’s most ferocious predators, the vodyanoi.

Below the surface of Nehzmyth is a vast network of subterranean tunnels and caverns. Whether natural or artificial, these tunnels appear to stretch across the planet, reaching even to the poles. The caverns are immense and dry, despite the swampy surface overhead. Further, the caverns and tunnels remain at a constant temperature year-round, despite the change in seasons created by the black clouds. Scattered throughout are underground lakes and streams, which seem to connect to the various chains of lakes on the surface.[2]


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