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Krynnspace is a crystal sphere that is home to the DRAGONLANCE Campaign Setting, and is named for its most populous world Krynn.[1][2][3]


Of all the Known Spheres, Krynnspace is considered the most primitive and pristine by spelljamming travelers.[4] At roughly 8,000 million miles in diameter, Krynnspace is considerably larger than Realmspace,[4] and is also notably colder than other known spheres and as such is plagued by small lethal clouds of freezing vapour.[5][6]


Krynnspace is part of a stable triangular configuration in the phlogiston that also includes Realmspace and Greyspace. The Flow allows one-way spelljammer travel from Krynnspace to Realmspace, as well as one-way travel from Greyspace to Krynnspace.[7][8]

Celestial bodies[]

Krynnspace is a heliocentric system, with the system primary, a fire body known as the Sun, lying at the centre of the sphere and orbited by 6 planets and an asteroid cluster. Most of the planets are named for the deities of Krynnspace, as are the constellations.[4]

The Sun[]

Main article: Sun, The (Krynnspace)

The Sun is Krynnspace's primary and is a size H spherical fire body.[2][6][9]


Main article: Sirrion

Sirrion is a size D spherical inert fire body.[2][6][10]


Main article: Reorx

Reorx is a size D spherical earth body. It has one moon.[2][11][12]


Main article: Krynn

Krynn is a size D spherical earth body. It has three moons.[2][13][14]


Main article: Chislev

Chislev is a size E spherical earth body. It has been classified as a liveworld.[2][15][16]


Main article: Zivilyn

Zivilyn is a size F spherical air body. It has twelve moons.[2][17][18]


Main article: Nehzmyth

Nehzmyth is a size C ovoid earth body. It has been suspected of being a liveworld and it orbits within The Black Clouds.[19]

Stellar Islands[]

Main article: Stellar Islands

The Stellar Islands is a cluster of size A earth bodies. The five largest asteroids in the cluster are connected by magical walkways.[20]

Crystal Shell[]

Krynnspace's crystal shell resembles a great, sparkling disk, and because of its great size, appears relatively flat to observers. Similar to all other known spheres, the crystal shell is made of a dark ceramic material that is impenetrable, since no known physical force or magical spell has been able to pass through or sunder it. Despite this, circular openings, known as portals, appear at irregular intervals throughout the sphere.

These openings, edged in silver-blue and ranging in size from a yard (1 meter) to nearly a half-mile across (0.8 kilometre), allow objects that contain at least a trace of life to pass through the shell. This includes both spelljamming ships with living crews and as well as creatures that live in the phlogiston or in wildspace. It is through these portals that spelljamming ships from other spheres reach Krynnspace.

A number of sages have speculated that the circular openings are created by the gods to expose the people of Krynnspace to dissimilar societies and races. On the other hand, scholars who have studied the sphere believe the circular openings coincide directly with the orbits of the planets Krynn and Sirrion. The closer the two planets are to each other, the larger and more numerous the circular openings in the shell. Conversely, when the planets are farthest apart, the circular openings are small, infrequent, and apt to close without warning.[4][21]


Constellations of Krynnspace

The flickering “stars” of Krynnspace resemble those of Realmspace in that they are actually small portals that open to the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Radiance. However, these portals cannot be used to enter or exit Krynnspace, since the stars themselves are surrounded by a field that repulses all objects. A spelljamming ship that wishes to reach a star must expend some effort to overcome this field. However, as soon as the ship touches the star, it bursts into flames, killing all aboard.

The star portals form constellations which clerics have determined represent the major deities of Krynnspace. A new star appears whenever a truly good soul dies while giving his or her life for others. Thus, when a new star is spotted in the sky, people rejoice, believing that the forces of good are expanding. The stars themselves are able to move, and entire constellations have disappeared briefly from time to time only to reappear elsewhere in the sky. Other constellations seem to rearrange themselves in full view of star gazers.[22]

The constellations of Krynnspace are known by their common name, as well as the name of the deity they’re associated with. The constellations of Krynnspace include Bison’s Head (Kiri-Jolith), Book of Souls (Gilean), Broken Scale (Hiddukel), Condor (Sargonnas), Diseased Hood (Morgion), Dragon Turtle (Zeboim), Goat’s Skull (Chemosh), Harp (Branchala), Infinity (Mishakal), Many-Headed Dragon (Takhisis), Phoenix (Habbukuk), Rose (Majere), and Valiant Warrior (Paladine).[23][24]


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