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Krynn is the third planet orbiting The Sun in the crystal sphere known as Krynnspace.[1] It is an earth body with a diverse environment. People live on its continents and even in its seas. This makes it the most populated planet in the crystal sphere.[2] The planet Krynn attracts a lot of attention from the local gods. In the past, the people of Krynn have challenged the gods, and the gods are believed to have used a meteor to destroy an entire city in retaliation. Unlike many of the other planets in Krynnspace, no gods are believed to actually live within the planet Krynn.[3]


Krynn looks very much like many other earth/water bodies. It has tan and green landmasses, blue oceans, and fluffy white clouds, with polar ice caps topping it off. However, while Krynn's oceans look right enough, an observant onlooker will note that its landmasses have seen better days.

The continent called Ansalon appears to have suffered a direct meteor hit at some time in the past, while Taladas, the continent on the other side of the planet, appears to be almost gutted. Judging by the appearance of Taladas, and the locations of each of the two continents, it's tempting to say that the meteor went through the entire planet and burst back out right through Taladas.

The other landmasses of Krynn are also mangled, probably by the above-mentioned impact, but also possibly from other causes.

Krynn has three moons: Nuitari, Lunitari, and Solinari.


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