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Ka’jik’zxi is the neogi primogenitor deity, who according to neogi belief created the universe, the gods, and eventually gave rise to the neogi race.[1]


According to a neogi creation myth, the universe was created by a being named Ka’jik’zxi. This deity constructed the Planes, Spheres, the Flow, and the planets. Finally it created five more deities, each like itself, only weaker. The five, named Thrig'ki, P'kk, T’zen’kil, Kr'tx and Kil'lix, each represent one of the desirable aspects of the neogi race.

These deities squabbled over their areas of control until Ka’jik’zxi grew tired of their bickering and punished them. Furious, the five hatched a plot to kill Ka’jik’zxi. Concocting a fatal brew with the “foulest ingredients” (including friendship, mercy, and compassion) they poisoned their Creator. Ka’jik’zxi began to swell up to a huge size, and the young deities hid, fearful of Ka’jik’zxi’s wrath.

Suddenly, Ka’jik’zxi burst, spilling its entrails across the spheres. Some landed in the Outer Planes—the parts containing mercy and compassion became the gods of good. Some of Ka’jik’zxi landed in the Lower Planes and became the evil gods. Ka’jik’zxi’s brain landed in a forgotten crystal sphere. After much searching, the neogi deities found the brain. There they were amazed to discover life—the first neogi had been “born.”

The deities taught the neogi of the multiverse and their destiny to conquer it all. The neogi built ships and left their homeworld (referred to in legends as Ka'jk'z). They have never returned, but the neogi know their mission: to conquer all the Spheres.


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