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This article is about the deity Gilean; if you are looking for the moon of the same name see Gilean.

Gilean the Sage is a god of balance, knowledge, learning and freedom[1][2] from the crystal sphere known as Krynnspace.[3] Gilean is the divine personification of knowledge, and encourages mortals to grow through knowledge in all of its forms, without judgment or constraint.[2]


Gilean, the Observer and Keeper of the Tobril, is the patriarch of the neutral gods, known for rarely taking a stance on issues, preferring to evaluate all possible outcomes before making a decision. His followers are usually those who seek knowledge such as historians and scientists.

Gilean holds the Tobril, given to him by the Highgod. The Tobril is said to contain the sum of all the knowledge known to the Deities of Krynnspace and contain the plans of the universe. Although he has this vast store of knowledge, he is reluctant to reveal it to others, for fear that it should affect the future and upset the balance. For this reason, portions of the book are unknown to all but Gilean.

He is brother to Takhisis and Paladine and father to Lunitari.

Gilean is rumoured to take the form of Astinus, the librarian of the Great Library of Palanthas, who has recorded history upon Krynn since the dawn of time, but it has been revealed that in fact Astinus is his son. However, he can be sometimes seen as a grey-robed monk holding a book and writing the events as they pass.

Celestial Symbol[]

Gilean is associated with the constellation Book of Souls.[1][2]


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