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Ge'Neva is a celestial body that orbits the light blue sun in the crystal sphere known as Herospace. It is the only spherical earth body in orbit around the light blue sun, and has one moon named Borden.[1][2]


Ge’Neva is mostly covered in forests, and of all the worlds of Herospace has the largest population of wildlife. Many druids of various faiths live among the forests of this planet, bound together by their common love of nature. It is said that the rituals that occur on midsummer night on Ge’Neva are mysterious and beautiful.[2]


The purpose and intent of Herospace is to provide those remarkable individuals revered as heroes by the common man the opportunity to live relatively undisturbed lives among peers with similar world views. As such, Ge'Neva is reserved for heroes of True Neutral alignment.

Unsurprisingly, the heavily forested world of Ge’Neva is home to a great many druids. When these servants of the gods and nature reach sufficient power and stature, they often retire completely from the world of men. Those with knowledge of wildspace will often seek a home on Ge’Neva. Because of the large number of powerful druids who seek a home here, the tests for those heroes wishing to relocate to Herospace is a bit more arduous than the other planets. This, unfortunately, also affects non-druids seeking a home on Ge’Neva. The non-druidic population of the planet tend to live in lone, solitary manors scattered throughout the world.

Like all planets in Herospace, Ge'Neva does not have a large or dominant governing body. Instead the Rational Order of Magistrates responds to all disturbances on Ge'Neva and helps to resolve any difficulties. The Order maintains a naval outpost on all planets in Herospace, and during times of difficulty will deploy emissaries from these outposts.[2]

Crystal Shards[]

When a person (and his or her spouse and their offspring) is granted access to Ge'Neva, they are given a shard of light blue crystal, similar in hue to the light blue sun. This shard grants access to the atmosphere of Ge'Neva, allowing the bearer and their party to pass through an impenetrable force field and land on the planet. If an inhabitant has a problem, they may communicate with the Order via their shard of crystal.[3]



Main article: Borden

Borden is a celestial body in orbit around the planet Ge'Neva in the crystal sphere known as Herospace. Borden is the only known moon within the system. The spherical earth body is barren and lifeless, and serves as headquarters for the Rational Order of Magistrates.[1][4]


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