Name:Fharlanghn (far-LAHNG-un) Dweller on the Horizon

Place in Pantheon: Lesser Power

Gender: Male

Alignment: N/ NG

Associated: Travel, Roads, Horizons, Distances

Domain: Luck, Protection, Travel

Symbol: Disc with curved line across it (the horizon)

Worshipers: Travelers & Wanders

Raiment: Green, Brown for the few urban clerics

Weapon: Quarterstaff

Holy Days: Equinoxes, day-long prayer required

Fharlanghn's eyes ever on the horizon as his feet are ever restless. Patron god of frequent and distance travelers, Fharlanghn keeps to the road as he looks for knowledge and inspiration. As travel can be perilous beyond the borders of the Canaled Peninsula, citizens are encouraged to greet Fharlanghn with an open heart and an appropriate offering.

Members of Fharlanghn's wandering church are ever eager to set foot on the road. They are a kind and generous people who believe in sharing what they can with fellow travelers. The clerics are generally experienced travelers and practical minded. Collecting tales of the road, recording them, or drawing scenes from far lands are the delight of these clerics. Their trust in Fharlanghn and their faith is without reserve. Services to Fharlanghn are joyous, informal and always outdoors. Travelers' tales are exchanged and blessings are bestowed on the worshipers while picnicking and often enjoying a pint of Pail Ale.

While elsewhere clerics of Fharlanghn are few in number, members of the fellowship of wanders grow quite numerous in Meade as many adventurers continue to migrate to the city and his presence grows with them.

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