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Cumberland is a celestial body that orbits the orange sun in the crystal sphere known as Herospace. It is the only spherical earth body in orbit around the orange sun.[1][2][3]


Cumberland closely resembles the familiar populous worlds of the major known spheres, including Krynnspace, Greyspace, and Realmspace. The planet gets progressively colder toward the poles, with a warm, tropical region at its equator. The planet has a variety of landscapes, ranging from sub-arctic mountains to temperate hilly regions, to arid deserts. Most planets in Herospace have basic supply centers where the Order sells supplies of all types to its residents. Cumberland, however, is the most social of the various planets, and while cities, as such, do not exist, there are several taverns and merchant houses. Many adventurers have retired to Cumberland to open a tavern or inn.[2]


The purpose and intent of Herospace is to provide those remarkable individuals revered as heroes by the common man the opportunity to live relatively undisturbed lives among peers with similar world views. As such, Cumberland is reserved for heroes of Neutral Good alignment.

Like all planets in Herospace, Cumberland does not have a large or dominant governing body. Instead the Rational Order of Magistrates responds to all disturbances on Cumberland and helps to resolve any difficulties. The Order maintains a naval outpost on all planets in Herospace, and during times of difficulty will deploy emissaries from these outposts.[4]

Crystal Shards[]

When a person (and his or her spouse and their offspring) is granted access to Cumberland, they are given a shard of orange crystal, similar in hue to the orange sun. This shard grants access to the atmosphere of Cumberland, allowing the bearer and their party to pass through an impenetrable force field and land on the planet. If an inhabitant has a problem, they may communicate with the Order via their shard of crystal.[4]


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