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This article is about the planet Chislev, if you are looking for the god of the same name see Chislev (deity).

Chislev is the fourth planet orbiting The Sun in the crystal sphere known as Krynnspace.[1] Chislev is covered in vegetation from pole to pole, resembling an enormous jungle. Although most sages from Krynnspace classify the planet as an earth body, explorers from Shou Lung consider Chislev a prime example of a liveworld.[2] The planet Chislev is named for the deity, who is rumoured to live on the planet.[3]


Chislev is covered in a vast, dense jungle, ranging from an enormous tropical rain forest at the equator and ending with a hint of temperate forest at the poles. The largest bodies of water on the world are a few dozen lakes, none of which are greater than a mile across. Most of the water on the world is also choked with vegetation. The temperatures across the world are intense throughout the year, and the only respite from this heat comes during the frequent storms. Toward the poles the temperatures are still very warm, but are at least tolerable for the native humans and demihumans. The ground is drier here, and as a result the polar forests are subject to firestorms that sweep across the land during summer.

Apart from the summer firestorms, Chislev doesn’t appear to display any seasonal changes, just constant warm temperatures and frequent rainstorms throughout the year. However, there does seem to be more storms in what would be the planet's fall and winter months. In fact, the planet is ringed by a dense, stormy atmosphere featuring gales, monsoons, and tornadoes which are always accompanied by rains. Sunny days are almost non-existent at the poles and are rare along the midpoints of the planet. Only at the equator does the sun seem to poke through with any frequency, and this is because the intense heat burns away the moisture in the air.

Chislev's jungles feature an amazing variety of plants, many of which are found throughout Krynnspace and other spheres, plus a myriad of unique species found nowhere else. Many of the plants are parasitic and grow on top of other vegetation, and it is common in the swampy regions to find orchids growing from thick vines sprouting out of trees. Broad-leaved plants of dense green grow thickly across the ground, their roots delving deep into subterranean pools. Most species have abundant fruit year-round, and there is at least one which satisfies the thirst of each native animal. Many types of nuts also grow in abundance, and brilliant flowers hang like moss from the trees. The trees here reach to 200 feet or more, and their trunks span 20 to 40 feet in diameter.

Most spelljamming travelers, including Shou Lung explorers, classify the world as having only one continent that covers the entire planet. This massive continent is not without its varied features. In the northern hemisphere, just above the equator, unevenly spaced volcanoes seem to ring the entire world. However, the majority of Chislev’s mountain ranges are found in the southern hemisphere, close to the poles. Since trees and plant life cover everything, the region seems a featureless field of green, making the mountains difficult to spot from wildspace.

Other prominent geographical features include a series of canyons a few hundred miles north of the equator, called the “Hand of Chislev”. This series of five connected canyons is filled with jungle-like plants that reach up the canyon walls. A dramatic waterfall cascades into the largest of the canyons, rushing into a small lake and draining into a series of underground caverns. Unique “caterpillar” ferns with special medicinal properties grow along the canyon walls, and are found nowhere else on the planet.


Chislev is one of the least populous world in Krynnspace. The predominant species are giants of all kinds. Hill giants live in the mountains south of the equator, while swamp and bosk giants live throughout the world. The giants live in crude villages and are usually led by the strongest warriors. In the northern and southern polar regions, away from large, predatory animals, live a few bands of primitive humans, elves, dwarves, and kender. These bands are loosely-knit and disorganized, and only a few have established communities, having discovered that the land at the poles is suitable for farming. Despite the variety of animal life on the planet, the actual number is smaller than expected. This is primarily due to the voracious appetites of Chislev’s largest apex predators, green and black dragons who bask in the humid, jungle atmosphere of the planet.[2]


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