The goldy gopher The goldy gopher 10 August 2020


I know it can be done, I have seen it done on other wiki sites, but you think I could get the spelljammer wiki to use an automated system to provide citing?

Nope not a chance.   No clue what I am missing.   And the help pages were less than helpful.

I even tried to borrow the "pages" from the Forgotten Realms wiki site, and still no go.   

I am frustrated and taking a step back from that process.  If someone else wants to look at it the Galleon Nebula is my trial ballon, that I guess is made of lead, maybe I need an Alchemist.

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The goldy gopher The goldy gopher 5 August 2020

What is the Purpose of the Spelljammer Wiki

Over the years I have logged into the Spelljammer wiki and updated a page or two and left with virtually none the wiser of my little interlude.

Over the past six months I have been running a D&D RPG set in the Spelljammer Universe.   I found it funny that even though I own all the published materials I found myself gravitating to the older online tools to find information on the Spelljamming Universe to run my campaign, including the official Spelljammer web-site and this wiki.   

The more I visited both the more frustrated I became in attempting to find the specific information that I wanted.   Why was not topic "X" readily available or already defined.   Unfortunately, this falls directly into my wheelhouse as it were, I am a Digital Prese…

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DovaThor DovaThor 13 March 2017

Cargo and Trade Goods

Spelljammer is much more than just adventure and killing pirates. Sometimes running a business (or being a pirate) is your only form of income. Say you (a group of pirates who are down on your luck and have nothing to your name, run across a whaleship crewed by humans. Well you captured the boat, have the crew in irons and are gathering valuables off the richer passengers. If your lucky you might get a couple thousand gp worth of stuff, but ship repairs, ammo, new crew, food and taxes? Not going to cut it. Turns out that whaleship was stuffed to the brim with goods such as tobacco and rice sent off to some war effort. You could have gained at least 10000 if not more right there. That merchants wife can now afford to get a better necklace …

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DovaThor DovaThor 13 March 2017

Guns, Devices, Ammunition, Ship's!

Everything here will be Homebrew. But it will either be a work in progress, or just adds some nice shiny new toys.

First things first. These weapons are new to Spelljammer, some are down right Gnomish made. But in the end a generous and enthusiastic (not including rich) Mercant Queen has brought forth these to the cosmos!


Swivel Bombard: cost 15000 gp. Damage 1d4 Hull Points, 2d6 Hit Points, crew 1-2 (trained/cracked crew have no problem with this gun, where as greens struggle with new weaponry.) RoF: 1/2. Crit: 19-20 Range: 1 hexes. It is considered a light weapon, that can easily be replaced/remounted/carried. They weigh about 50 lbs and take up about 5 feet of space (with crew) it was designed by gnomes, who, at the will of their capta…

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David Shepheard David Shepheard 4 November 2010

New Wikia look driving other wikis away from Wikia

The new look for users who are non-logged in wikis hosted on Wikia is ugly, to say the least. The focus on getting people to look at other Wikia wikis is getting so intrusive that it is eating up valuable screen space that is needed for local content.

And adverts are getting so intrusive that Wikia have started to embed video adverts that automatically download their content. While that might not affect SJ wiki viewers with unlimited bandwidth, it certainly is going to eat into the allowance of those of us that are on pay per GB connections.

Even things like outbound links (to Beyond the Moons, Dragonlance Lexicon, The Great Library of Greyhawk and similar useful resources) are being hijacked by a page that displays an advert and makes users…

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David Shepheard David Shepheard 23 October 2010

Spelljammer Wiki can now connect to Facebook

Wikia have been rolling out a process to allow people to connect their Wikia accounts to their Facebook accounts.

I'm not sure exactly what functionality this will allow, apart from allowing Facebook users to say: "I like that" about Spelljammer Wiki articles they visit. ;-)

One thing it apparently will do is (with my permission) post a feed to my Facebook page everytime I add content to Spelljammer Wiki. So, from now on, you should be able to see how busy or lazy I am. ;-)

David Shepheard

Spelljammer Wiki

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David Shepheard David Shepheard 19 September 2010

Interwiki links now working at Spelljammer Wiki

I'm pleased to be able to say that I've now figured out the way to link articles on both versions of Spelljammer Wiki.

If you have a look at the neogi article you will see the language box down in the bottom left corner of the article. Clicking on the link there will take you to the article's Hungarian version. And that has another box that can bring you back to the English version.

When we get someone to start up other languages, I'm hoping that my experience with the English/Hungarian stuff will make it a lot quicker to get things done.

David Shepheard 17:08, September 19, 2010 (UTC)

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David Shepheard David Shepheard 8 July 2010

Spelljammer Wiki interwiki link request now submitted

I have finally found out how to request the connection between the Hungarian Spelljammer Wiki ( and the English Spelljammer Wiki ( It was hidden in the posting instructions on the page I had looked at for interwiki requests:

Community Central:Interwiki requests (Spelljammer Wiki)

Sorry for the delay. The good news is I'll be able to do it straight away, next time.

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David Shepheard David Shepheard 21 June 2010

Spelljammer Wiki is now available in Hungarian!

After a call to arms (on a thread in The Piazza forums called '(Spelljammer Wiki) Non-English versions of the wiki'), I've found someone to help set up the first non-English version of Spelljammer Wiki.

So if you speak Hungarian, please go over to the Hungarian version of Spelljammer Wiki and help out.

David Shepheard 14:42, June 21, 2010 (UTC)

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David Shepheard David Shepheard 4 June 2010

Spelljammer Wiki for sale - just $19.95 per month

I've been contacted by Sannse with the offer of buying back Spelljammer Wiki's advertising space for $19.95 per month.

I figure that if Wikia are going to sell me my own wiki for $19.95 per month (which seems like quite a lot to me), I might as well find out how much it would cost to move my data elsewhere.

Ultimately, my preferred choice would be to get this encyclopedia onto Beyond the Moons. But if anyone has some other options, please feel free to contact me. David Shepheard 04:00, June 4, 2010 (UTC)

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David Shepheard David Shepheard 11 May 2010

Spelljammer Wiki Fan Page up on Facebook

If you want to show your support for Spelljammer Wiki, you can now add yourself to the Spelljammer Wiki Fan Page on Facebook:

Also, my blog is now linked to the Facebook page, so this post will appear there as well as here.

This means from now on, I'll be signing my own blog entries.

David Shepheard 00:48, May 11, 2010 (UTC)

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David Shepheard David Shepheard 2 March 2010

Hidden Spelljammer Material - Part 1 Endless Quest - Wild Ride

One of the problems about the Spelljammer Campaign Setting is that there is only so much of it.

Adding the Cloakmaster Cycle novels gives you a bit more to work with. But that only gives you so much additional stuff.

So I'm going to be looking for Spelljammer references in other material from TSR.

One of the things I have found is a book called A Wild Ride. This is Endless Quest number 41. The Endless Quest books are those books, where you can choose the adventure yourself.

I have heard that there are flaws in the book (i.e. that they got Spelljammer wrong), but I'm going to buy a copy anyway. (Even if this book is bad Spelljammer, I am sure there are some good things in there that could be raided.)

David Shepheard 12:27, March 2, 2010 (UTC)

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David Shepheard David Shepheard 17 October 2009

Create your own Spelljammer magazine

We have another new feature at Spelljammer Wiki: the ability for people to make their own Spelljammer magazines.

The feature acts like a wizard. Once you activate it you will see a bar at the top of the screen. Simply navigate to the articles you are interested in and add them to the magazine. Once you have all the ones you want, you can move on to design the front cover and then publish the magazine.

Having investigated the feature, I do have one warning about it. The wizard lets you start the process when you are not loogged in, but you do need to be logged in to be able to actually save or publish your magazine. Accounts on this wiki are totally free (and will also allow you to edit on other Wikia wikis) but if you don't want to create an…

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David Shepheard David Shepheard 12 October 2009

Box added to user pages

If you have an account here, you will probably notice that you now have an information box at the top of your page showing that it is a user page.

This is all part of the process of flagging up all 'out of character' pages. A while ago, I imported a template from Forgotten Realms Wiki (called 'ambox') and I will be using ambox to create a set of matching boxes that can be placed on the top of other out of character information (like articles about Spelljammer artists).

Template:Userpage looks a bit fiddly, but it has been set up, so that if anyone downloads an entire copy of Spelljammer Wiki your user page will have a box that points back to this website. There is also a warning that you might not have given specific permission for your user…

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David Shepheard David Shepheard 5 July 2009

Wikia adds new features to Spelljammer Wiki

Wikia have just contacted me to let me know that they have added a couple of new features to Spelljammer Wiki.

The first is the blog that you are reading now.

All Spelljammer Wiki editors now have their own blog. But the funky thing about the blogs here is that there will apparantly also be a way to view the blogs of everyone as one uber-blog. So this could be a very good way for all Spelljammer webmasters, and fans to pass Spelljammer related information on to each other. This could actually have a lot of potential, and it might be worth SJ fans setting up a user account here, even if they do not want to help improve the articles on the wiki itself.

The second feature is a user masthead. This is a bit less exciting, but it has options to ins…

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