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The Astromundi Cluster is a boxed set for the Spelljammer Campaign Setting.

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Far off the traveled paths of wildspace, a lone crystal sphere bobs in the phlogiston, waiting for unwary visitors greedy for adventure. This is the Astromundi Cluster, easy to find ... and nigh-impossible to escape.

The Astrogator's Guide[]

The Astrogator's Guide is the name of the first book in the The Astromundi Cluster boxed set.


Adventures in the Shattered Sphere[]

Adventures in the Shattered Sphere is the name of the second book in the The Astromundi Cluster boxed set.


The Celestial Almanac[]

The Celestial Almanac is the name of the third book in the The Astromundi Cluster boxed set.





  • Design: Sam Witt
  • Design Concept: L. Rich Baker
  • Editing: Michele Carter
  • Booklet Cover Painting (The Astrogator's Guide): Jeff Easley
  • Booklet Cover Painting (Adventures in the Shattered Sphere): Erik Olson
  • Box Cover Painting and Interior Art: David O. Miller
  • Cartography: John Knecht, Diesel and Dennis Kauth
  • Typesetting: Angelika Lokothz
  • Special Thanks to Eric Meischke, Anne Brown and Dale Donovan

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  • Spelljammer reference: 1087XXX1091 (The Astrogator's Guide), 1087XXX1092 (Adventures in the Shattered Sphere), 1087XXX1903 (The Celestial Almanac)
  • TSR Reference: TSR 1087
  • ISBN: 1-56076-632-8

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