The Angelship is a Kobold ship that is rarely seen in space. They once comprised the backbone of the Kobold space fleet but were nearly wiped out of existence by the elven armada.

They were named for a Kobold legend of winged humans who healed fallen warriors.



Listed crew size is for humans. If the crew is composed of kobolds or other small creatures, the minimum crew size is increased to 12 and similarly the maximum crew is increased to 66.

Standard ArmamentsEdit

  • 2 medium ballistas (Requires 2 crew members each)
  • 1 medium catapult (aft)
  • Blunt Ram

Interior LayoutEdit

The helm and bridge of the Angelship lie in a large central chamber positioned where the wings meet the hull of the ship. Crew quarters are located forward of the bridge, just behind the front ram, and in warrens in the wings. The galley is located aft of the bridge, and the cargo holds are located aft of that.

Primary UsesEdit

  • Trading - The Angelship is able to easily take off and land at land-based ports, making it idea as a trading vessel and at one time were the most popular merchant vessel in the void.
  • Bulk Cargo Hauling - Stripped down versions of the Angelship have seen service as bulk cargo transports. They are less sturdy than their standard counterparts, due to hollowing out of the interior, but these changes increase the cargo space by 26 tons, to a total of 47 tons.
  • Naval Fleet - The Angelship has long since fallen out of favor in modern space navies, primarily due to its small size. However, Kobolds have continued to use stealth versions of the Angelship, painted flat black and cloaked with darkness and invisibility spells. This particular type of Angelship is commonly known as the Dark Angel, and is used for sneak attacks.



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