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Aelivere, the One-King, is the absolute ruler of the crystal sphere known as Faeriespace.[1]


Aelivere is the absolute authority in all matters in the crystal sphere. His will extends to and controls all things, from the basic cycles of nature to all decisions of state. His subjects believe that he need only think a decision and it will become so. Aelivere is the originator of shrakma and the engine that drives it. It should be noted that Faeriespace has none of the common tools of state that other forms of government possess. Never has a council meeting been called. No ambassadors exist in Faeriespace. No war-councils, parliaments, congresses, or other recognizable forms of government exist within this magical crystal sphere. All things simply become through the will of Aelivere.

Aelivere reigns from his palace, a structure made up of several giant mushrooms located at the center of Faeriespace's magnificent capital city, Armon.[2]


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